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  • What is EssVee?
    My name, but jazzed up. My name is Sheela, last name starts with a V. I took my first inital S and last V (SV), to make EssVee.
  • How often are products added?
    Monthly. I do a monthly drop of all items. This means throughout the month I come up with new items, and feature them the following month on my site.
  • Once an item is sold, will the same item be stocked?"
    Yes and No. Every month, I release new items. If you like an item that is SOLD OUT or featured on my YouTube, TikTok or Instagram and no longer on my site, you can take a screenshot and send it to me using my email, DM me on one of my Social Platforms, or Request it on my site in the Custom Request page. Please note, the item will be charged a little more due to time contraints and other requests.
  • Do you make all the items?
    Yes, everything is handmade by me.
  • Do you have other Social Accounts?
    Yes, you can find my links on this site or linktrees on my Social Platforms.
  • What do you use to make your designs?
    Seed beads! I have a page on my site that explains what I use and where I purchase.
  • Is this product Indigenous Made?
    Yes! Support Indigenous Peoples <3
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